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Week of March 6, 2023

Week of March 6, 2023
Posted: Mar 2, 2023
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Topic: Parental Rights Amendment to U.S. Constitution

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Do you support a Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

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11 comments on article "Week of March 6, 2023"

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Dr Constance Jones, 3/6/2023 1:22 PM

DrCCJones, NFRW Capitol Regent: Given that parental rights are key to students'/children's educational development, it is a given that parents must voice all educational concerns - the one key concern is educational process which is a Dept of Education directive - the "parental rights" amendment issue is one seen as a directive attack upon the Dept of Education & Educational Schooling Processes -it would be best to direct any & all questions to key representative - at times legislative amendments & follow thru have caused much w/i problem areas such as related departments/organizations loosing directive power..

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Yvonne Hunter, 3/6/2023 1:28 PM

Don't be messing with the Constitution!

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Mary M Miller, 3/6/2023 7:15 PM

There shouldn't have to be one. Parents are the only ones that should have control over their children. Abused children are a different category. Besides, there are already laws about that. But schools DO NOT have any right to tell a student "hide this from your parents".

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Ginger L Grutzius, 3/6/2023 8:21 PM

The government has overstepped its boundaries by allowing seemingly people into public schools to condition them into believing that sexual orientation is relevant in public schools. Curriculum and safety are most important in schools. Drag shows have nothing to do with children. It's deviancy at its finest. If anything, that is now estranged is our National Anthem and the pledge of allegiance and prayer.

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roblox doors, 3/6/2023 9:12 PM

The Constitution should not be tampered with!

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Teresa Barncastle, 3/7/2023 1:47 AM

This current fad issue should not even be an issue. Parents rights should not be challenged just because their child goes to a.public school. Their rights should be respected. It is so hypocritical that the same people that want to keep abused and neglected children in the 'family unit' are the same people pushing this agenda of interference. We don't need to change the Constitution. We need to change leadership.

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Judith Clarkj, 3/8/2023 9:33 PM

How sad that this is even a question,! This is the United States of America, a once great country, the greatest in history.

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basket, 3/25/2023 7:06 PM

Of course, there are good sides to this change, it would not be right to say anything without examining it in detail.

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Allen, 5/20/2023 2:41 AM

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