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Week of April 24, 2023

Week of April 24, 2023
Posted: Apr 20, 2023
Categories: Poll Questions
Comments: 29

Topic: Pausing Development of Artificial Intelligence

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Some experts are calling for a pause on artificial intelligence developments due to safety concerns. Do you agree with their concerns?

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29 comments on article "Week of April 24, 2023"

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Vicki Burch, 4/21/2023 9:54 AM

I'm somewhat confused. On the one hand let's slow down for safety measures, yet we cannot let our enemies get ahead of us. I don't know where the happy medium is. I need more info on AI.

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Mary Anne Lauer, 4/21/2023 1:37 PM

We've been using AI for a long time but now it's in dangerous territory. Until we can control it's use better, we need to stop its progress.

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Laurie Reiner, 4/21/2023 4:03 PM

We need to pause/stop/think about the various uses of AI and how its applications will be applied; potential for positive benefits and what the negative risks are. We've already seen social media abused, attacking and limiting our 1st Amendment Constitutional Rights aimed specifically at Republicans. So, we need more information.

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Carolyn Williams, 4/22/2023 3:05 PM

AI is able to blur the boundaries between fake and fact. It can create bogus photos, voice cloning and take the place of morals and ethics. AI is also becoming more human competitive every day.

Can you imagine what would happen if AI made the decisions for the Supreme Court or our government leaders? Do we want digital minds telling us how to live with out regard to our humanity?

With the Tech Industry already concerned, a moratorium must be put in place and safeguards implemented.

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Carol Pociecha-Palm, 4/26/2023 6:57 AM

A number of people deeply involved believe that if we don't pause ASAP to impose protocols, and plans how to shut it off if needed, AI could be dangerous to the survival of humanity.

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Isabella Hale, 5/1/2023 1:19 PM

My son, and I am a former computer programmer,, but my son is an A.I expert. went UVA and is a security A.I. architect ... and we have talked about this for years (I mean we as "in my many computer/programmer friends: there IS NO REASON TO PAUSE A.I. in the UNITED STATES. It does not work like has been told to the normal person. Protocols are not needed. MORE FEAR and scare tactics, The US (now that the "so called" intelligence agencies have been caught spying on US citizens, e.g., Twitter have been stopped. just more distraction, and fear and nonsense: A.I. research will continue in the rest of the world.. like China and Russia and we need to keep it as well.

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