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Week of January 14, 2019

Week of January 14, 2019
Posted: Jan 18, 2019
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Topic: President Trump Declaring National Emergency to Build Border Wall

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Should President Trump use his executive authority to declare a national emergency in order to build the border wall?

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14 comments on article "Week of January 14, 2019"

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K.L. Shillock , 1/18/2019 4:24 PM

No, because it's simply the wrong method. We must secure our borders; however, this would set a dangerous precedent for Trump and any future President. Call a Natl Emergency too often and it's like crying Wolf......eventually no one pays attention and a true emergency goes unheeded. Let us all face it, Ronald Reagan could have done the country a favor in the 80's. Instead he and Congress granted amnesty which just said, "You all keep coming."

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Helma F. Zeuge, 1/18/2019 5:04 PM

Let us hear the voices and see the faces of people who are directly affected by the border situation:

- Latinos/as on the other side who would not risk coming here illegally if they had a better chance at coming in legally.

- Pp. on the US side who suffer damage to their land etc. by illegals crossing it. Point out again the health crisis.

- Border agents who say what methods to stem the tide are working.

- Give counter arguments to those who want open borders.

Emphasize that this could work out positively for the Dems, too, if they participated in solving the problem rather than fighting it tooth and nail. It is not good for the Democratic Party if they allow the radicals to call the shots. Let the radicals go and rebuild the Dem. Party so it can be a cooperative and reliable partner.

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Vicki E Vaught, 1/18/2019 6:31 PM

I'm thinking this next wave of immigrants will help make up the minds of the American people that a wall is vital. Democrats will have to break their ties with Pelosi. I believe those democratic congressmen who would break ties with her would be admired and have the gratitude of both parties.

National emergency should be called only as a very last option. I'm afraid this would be used to further the impeachment mantra.

Stay strong President Trump.

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Bev Hirzel, 1/18/2019 6:47 PM

As much I wish our President could make this wall appear with an EO, I know the liberals and those judges will tie it up in court. We need to keep negotiating and educating the voters to put the pressure on the elected officials.

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Sue Marshall, 1/18/2019 11:10 PM

I've heard that declaring a national emergency could be challenged and then we all lose. President Trump needs to hold firm and keep trying to get the Democrats to fund the wall as they have done for the past three presidents!

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Suzanne Bennett, 1/18/2019 11:23 PM

I'm concerned about Republicans who don't recognize that this IS a national emergency. Identity theft is rampant--every illegal here who is working is doing so with a stolen social security number and/or picture ID. Students are enrolled in our public schools with faked information. Employer sanctions are not enforced and there are no repercussions for those who re-enter illegally after being deported--that alone is a felony. In some parts of my State, illegals outnumber legal residents. They vote, they get welfare through anchor babies and they are changing the face of this country. THAT is national emergency.

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Carmen Prince, 1/19/2019 2:35 PM

I have heard before that the Corp of Engineers could build the physical barrier at the southern border. If our President declares a national emergency, the liberal lawyers of the 9th circuit court will stop him. So the best way is to use aid money allocated to those countries who are sending their citizens here. That aid is not needed because 3/4 of the population of those countries are already here, so why send more aid to their governments? Stay firm President Trump, do not cave in. Take the opportunity to get rid of so many government employees who do not work and cannot be fired because of tenure or unions. Clean the swamp Mr. President, and force Pelosi to come to the table. Expose her on TV for taking trips overseas while Americans suffer. Expose her for avoiding to talk to Angel moms who lost their children PERMANENTLY.

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Leslie Key, 1/20/2019 12:19 AM

No, because the Democrats will challenge him in court and this sets a dangerous precedent for executive overreach. I’m not sure the Supreme Court would vote in Trump’s favor on this. Trump should continue to try to do this through Congress. If Trump stands strong, it will become apparent to the majority of Americans that Nancy Pelosi is not acting in good faith to find a workable solution through compromise. Americans will put more and more pressure on the Democrats to make a deal with the President that involves more funding for the border wall or steel barrier. It will become apparent to the majority of Americans that the Democrats are resisting Trump for PURELY Political reasons, to bring Trump down and make sure he is a one-term President. It will become apparent to the majority of Americans that the Democrats are hypocrites who value their political power much more than the safety and security of the American people. Democrats voted for many more billions of dollars in the past for border fencing. They know walls work and they are deliberately lying to the American people because their radical Left wing base is demanding that they resist Trump. Please call Democrats in Congress and demand that they negotiate in good faith with President Trump. Make it clear to Congressional Democrats that Trump will not Reopen the government until they negotiate in good faith. Over time, it will become clear to the majority of Americans that the Democrats are being unreasonable and hypocritical. Democrats will lose this battle if Trump stands strong.

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MARY LOU MORIN, 1/22/2019 9:07 AM

I think the above commenters are correct in that Trump's Emergency Order would be challenged in the courts. Pres. Trump needs to reach out to the Republican and Democrat members of both the House and the Senate to force the radical elements of both houses to back down. He has far more supporters for the Wall than detractors especially those legislators from the states directly affected by illegal immigration.

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Sophia Barlow, 3/24/2019 5:05 PM


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Sophia Barlow, 3/24/2019 5:06 PM





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