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Week of July 31, 2023

Week of July 31, 2023
Posted: Jul 27, 2023
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Topic: Expanding the Federal Child Tax Credit to Include Unborn Babies

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Republicans in the U.S. House are working to expand the child tax credit to include unborn babies with the Providing for Life Act. Do you support this legislation?

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16 comments on article "Week of July 31, 2023"

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Carol, 7/28/2023 9:14 AM

I support Senator Marco Rubio S.74. There are no cosponsors for this S.74. Please take action if you support S.74 and contact your representatives and ask them to cosponsor the S.74

GOP pushing for expanded child tax credit to increase refunds, include unborn children

Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida Republican, introduced the Providing for Life Act in the Senate earlier this year.

“Supporting pregnant mothers and their unborn children is essential, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because America’s continued strength depends on the next generation,” Mr. Rubio said in a statement. “This comprehensive legislation will provide real assistance for American parents and children in need. We need policies like these to show America that conservatives are pro-life across the board.”

S.74 - Providing for Life Act of 2023

Cosponsors: S.74 — 118th Congress (2023-2024)All Information (Except Text)

Sponsor: Sen. Rubio, Marco [R-FL] | Cosponsor statistics: 0 current - includes 0 original

No cosponsors.

S. 74 — A bill to provide support and assistance to unborn children, pregnant women, parents, and families; to the Committee on Finance. By Mr. RUBIO, S98 [25JA]

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Vicki G, 7/28/2023 1:52 PM

I hate to oppose a Republican initiative, but a knee-jerk response to bad liberal policy is beneath us as conservatives. Why in the world do we need more government largesse at taxpayer expense, even if it would tend to benefit our own? We need to put our money where our mouth is and stop playing our opponents’ misguided game.

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Fran Freedle, 7/29/2023 1:21 AM

We have way too many liberal/social programs that reward various social issues. Child tax credits are another social program that should not be expanded. It is already too large. We can support women in other ways without adding tax benefits. This is another way to take from hardworking taxpayers to create a benefit that sounds good while harming taxpayers.

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Barbie lorentz, 7/31/2023 8:40 AM

Too much opportunity for fraud with a tax credit for an unborn baby.

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Patsy britt, 7/31/2023 11:59 AM

This has all the earmarks of an idea that would lead to so much fraud and misuse by evil. There are too many things that could interrupt the delivery and birth of the baby and there are too many people who would abuse this, knowing that govt has gotten too big to effectively catch them and prevent the added abuse if tax dollars. I tend to vote Republican but this idea smacks of liberalism and unwise spending of our nation's tax dollars. Rubio, who I initially held in high regard when he first entered the political scene, seems to be guilty of more and more unnecessary compromise with evil. I thought he had the potential to be a statesman, rather than just another politician.

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Donna Gordon, 8/4/2023 11:31 AM

I view being a Republican as having a stance that the less government intervention, the better. And yet. too many elected representatives with an R by their names fall for these social engineering initiatives. I see things like child care tax credits, business tax breaks, and the latest in our state, property tax freezes for seniors. How about shrinking government and lowering the tax base for ALL taxpayers? I get it, seniors vote, but this just leaves the rest of us with higher taxes to make up the shortfall UNLESS they actually shrink the budgets of the taxing jurisdictions. It's a shell game.

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Dolores Frazee, 8/6/2023 2:11 PM

NO we have to much money give away programs now`

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