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Week of October 23, 2023

Week of October 23, 2023
Posted: Oct 18, 2023
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Topic: House Republicans Working with House Democrats to Elect Speaker

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Should U.S. House Republicans reach across the aisle to work with House Democrats to elect a Speaker?

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21 comments on article "Week of October 23, 2023"

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Penny Webster, 10/20/2023 10:18 AM

It’s the wrong question…the Republicans need to unite and elect the Speaker. This division has got to stop and show an untied front but as long as there are Rhino’s it won’t happen!!’

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Sherry W Yocum, 10/20/2023 10:31 AM

Republicans do not seem to trust each other to speak for our country and this is made obvious by the delays in electing a speaker both parties can be confident in. These Congressman make almost $200,000 to ignore the issues that need attention to govern our country. If you cannot do the business at hand, then you should get out of this job. Get off your behinds and elect a speaker.

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Carla Embertson, 10/20/2023 11:04 AM

The function of the Federal government should be working together to reach the best decisions and those closest to our principles for the good of the American people. The fact that a great Speaker was removed by 8 Republicans for reaching across the aisle and working with Democrats to stop a government shut down is an embarrassment to our party. The current fiasco of multiple ballots further erodes confidence in the Republican Party to lead in the eyes of the public. We need to unite and win, not air every disagreement.

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Sarah Murphy, 10/20/2023 12:18 PM

The Republicans have tried to work with the Democrats already. No one else seems to want to come up with a better candidates than Jordan or Scalise. So find someone of move forward with who is currently being considered. Republicans are a part of the problem as well.

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Linda Fischer, 10/20/2023 12:52 PM

Republicans must be steadfast in their demands for a Leader who is prepared to deliver on the promises made to voters.

The Speaker sets the House’s policy agenda, and republicans must control the process. Republican voters are tired of broken promises from leaders in Washington. Now is the time Republicans to insist on changes by having a controlling seat at the table.”

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Bonnie Siler, 10/20/2023 1:04 PM

The hand full of republicans who did not support McCarthy and are now not voting for a nominee should be ashamed of themselves and should be voted out of office by their constituents in the 2024 election. We are on the brink of WAR and all of these folks are making the US look weak! "A house divided will FALL".

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Peggy Smetana, 10/20/2023 1:39 PM

Republicans need to get their act together as Republicans and elect a Speaker. Working with Democrats will probably produce a Democrat speaker, because Democrats will convince weak-kneed Republicans to vote for a Democrat..

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Ola Morris, 10/20/2023 8:38 PM

We need a speaker so I would think whatever works best to elect a Speaker of the House should be applied. This division between us Republicans really need to stop. What has happen to us we did not use to be this way. Let's get on with the peoples' business, do your job and elect a Speaker.

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Barbie Lorentz, 10/21/2023 9:02 AM

Bottomline this demonstrates Republicans in the House cannot lead or govern and it is very concerning! There are serious issues to address we have a small majority in the House and time is wasted on squabbling?!?!

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Joannie, 10/23/2023 10:41 AM

No! They should ban together and get the job don. The people elected them to do a job. Select a conservative and get behind him or her. Get it done!

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TERESA E BARNCASTLE, 10/23/2023 2:11 PM

If the Republicans can't get their act together, then yes, they should reach out to moderate Democrats that will vote for the Republican choice. We need to identify great candidates to run against the arrogant Republicans that can't be team players. Republican Women! The Republicans have a majority and all they can do is fight among themselves instead of running the House and passing conservative bills. Shameful! We work hard to elect Republican candidates, and this is how they act.

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Susan, 10/24/2023 6:04 PM

I believe that Republicans and Democrats need to start working for the country. I think they should come together and try to figure out the best way forward. However, I do not think that republicans should give up on our main principles or bend to the crooked will of corrupt politicians.

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Guo, 12/19/2023 1:21 PM

The decision for U.S. House Republicans to reach across the aisle to work with House Democrats to elect a Speaker is a matter of political strategy and can vary depending on the circumstances and goals of the Republican caucus. Here are some considerations from :

Political Climate: The political climate and balance of power in the House of Representatives can influence this decision. If one party has a significant majority, reaching across the aisle may not be necessary to elect a Speaker from their own party.

Bipartisanship: In some cases, seeking bipartisan cooperation and compromise can help build goodwill and foster a spirit of cooperation in the House. It can also be seen as a way to bridge divides and address critical issues.

Party Loyalty: Party loyalty is a significant factor in these decisions. Elected representatives often prioritize supporting a Speaker from their own party to advance their policy agenda.

Strategic Alliances: Sometimes, strategic alliances with members of the opposing party may be formed to influence the selection of a Speaker. This can be a tactical move to gain concessions or support for specific legislative priorities.

Consequences: Republicans who reach across the aisle to support a Democrat for Speaker may face consequences within their own party, such as loss of leadership positions or backlash from party members.

Speaker's Role: Consideration of the specific Speaker candidate's qualifications, leadership style, and willingness to work with both parties can also influence decisions.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to reach across the aisle to work with House Democrats to elect a Speaker is a political one that depends on the dynamics of the House, the priorities of the Republican caucus, and the broader political context. It's a decision made by individual representatives and party leadership based on their assessment of what serves their interests and the interests of their constituents.

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