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Week of January 22, 2024

Week of January 22, 2024
Posted: Jan 18, 2024
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Topic: New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary Winner

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Who do you want to win the Republican presidential primary election in New Hampshire?

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10 comments on article "Week of January 22, 2024"

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Jan Burch, 1/19/2024 10:04 AM

I want the New Hampshire primary to be won by whomever the REPUBLICANS in that state choose. However, the DNC is strongly encouraging Democrats in the state to register as Independents just long enough to vote for Nikki Haley in order to embarrass Trump. This would give them the advantage of calling Trump a "loser" for 4 full weeks before the next primary in South Carolina. Let the people in the party determine who their candidate will be.

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key5, 2/3/2024 2:30 AM


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geometry d, 2/12/2024 6:59 AM

With this strategy, they could effectively label Trump as a "loser" for a full four weeks leading up to the South Carolina primary. Permit the party members to choose their candidate.

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lisa, 2/18/2024 10:21 PM

They could effectively call Trump a "loser" with this plan for the entire four weeks preceding the South Carolina primary. Let the party members select the candidate they want. google

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gloria, 2/20/2024 12:35 AM

The DNC is actively urging Democrats in the state to temporarily register college brawl apk as Independents to vote for Nikki Haley, aiming to embarrass Trump.

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Annarose, 2/20/2024 6:30 AM

Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge. I think it will help everyone.

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suika game, 3/7/2024 9:53 PM

Great article.

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doodle basebal, 5/22/2024 10:54 PM

Controversy still continues. So tempting.

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papa's, 5/31/2024 3:48 AM

I appreciate your article, it's amazing. Will keep coming back and learning more.

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Pamelidams, 5/31/2024 3:50 AM

thank nfrw

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