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Week of March 25, 2024

Week of March 25, 2024
Posted: Mar 21, 2024
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Topic: Trump Considering Backing 15-Week Federal Abortion Ban

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Former President Donald Trump is considering backing a 15-week federal abortion ban. Do you support this?

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22 comments on article "Week of March 25, 2024"

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Caroyn Conner, 3/24/2024 1:09 AM

95% of all abortions performed under Roe would be legal if a national 15-week ban were enacted. That is unacceptable.

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Barbie Lorentz, 3/29/2024 8:54 AM

Personally I support a 15 week ban on abortion with some exceptions such as health of the mother. Honestly the abortion topic on any level is not a winning topic for Republicans. Our party needs to focus on issues the public across the board is concerned about: inflation, crime, homelessness, volume of illegal migrants, protecting our kids etc!

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K. Shillock, 3/29/2024 10:37 AM

You are correct, voting women will be the deciding factor in November. Drop the Abortion issue at National Level or we have already lost the National Election. It really is that simple! K.S.

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Carol, 3/29/2024 10:58 AM

Trump is wants to come to an agreement that most Americans can support, which is after the first trimester abortion would be banned.States would still be free to be more strict than that or even to ban abortions completely. Dems have effectively used the abortion issue to win elections. We need to remember there is a limit to what the government can do. Elimination of abortion will fully take place when men and women truly understand the sanctity of life and are convicted through the Holy Spirit.

Based upon biblical principles, abortion is murder.  It does not matter if it is 5 weeks or 15 weeks.  Life and death are in the hands of the LORD - not man. The Bible limits government and the Constitution limits government and most people pay no attention to either document.

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Joyce Adair, 3/29/2024 1:17 PM

I think trump should stay away from the abortion issue period. It will do him no good whatsoever and at the same time could be very harmful to his election.

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Sandy Hammel, 3/29/2024 3:39 PM

I feel 15 weeks is too far along. I agree with Joyce Adair. He should stay away from the abortion issue. It will do NO good. Just another issue for the left to use against him. Besides, 15 weeks is too long. Babies can feel pain. There really is no good reason for having an abortion. We should be giving help and support to these mothers. There should be no right to KILL your unborn baby! This is a cherished Life. Make it also, easier to adopt these children. This is the loving way.

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Cecilia Matthews, 3/29/2024 5:38 PM

As a start, but all abortions should be illegal. Murder is a crime.

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Gail Forry, 3/30/2024 8:38 AM

This is a losing topic for Republicans.

States can make this decision.

Focus on National Security and Inflation.

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Nancy Johnson, 3/30/2024 9:41 AM

Leave it to the states. Maybe point out how radical the Dems policies are and promote prenatal care and adoption as an alternative.

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Sheila Norris, 3/30/2024 9:55 AM

Leave it to the states

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Eileen T Cohen, 3/31/2024 6:41 PM

Following the U.S.Constitution, abortion laws are left to the states. The Supreme Court did not outlaw abortion but followed the Constitution.

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Jo Ann Harris, 4/1/2024 9:54 AM

Abortion is illegal period….no halfway measures should be entertained.

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Roberta Genini, 4/1/2024 5:28 PM

I support a national 15 week ban as long as it is not worded so as to preclude greater protection for unborn children and their mothers, whether at the state or federal levels. Attention should be paid to outcomes in maternal and child well being in those states that have enjoyed certain levels of protection from abortion. These states are the living laboratories of real world experience in limiting abortion.

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Diane Hoenes, 4/2/2024 5:51 PM

It’s My Understanding That Republicans deviate from The Guidelines and Recommendations of the AMA American Medical Association and JAMA on the Topic of Abortion - WHY?

This is such a HOT, EMOTIONAL ISSUE That stands to cost Republicans more votes every year with WOMEN being harassed, criticized, coerced, condemned, controlled for all of our for sexual activity, as we are the gender who has to face it and deal with all aspects of pregnancy (both preventing and protecting) - menstrual issues-costs of monthly products, body changes, birth control, Dr. appointments and specialty Dr. as needed for specialty care and procedures. Abstinence would certainly be the most preferred way of preventing pregnancy, but Sadly, I don’t think that the earth will ever return to that societal practice. And as a woman, I can vouch for the fact that it is the greatest desire for a woman to catch the interest of a man. And as customary, men often provide for the family, whereas the woman cares for the family. The word ABORTION itself is horrible, negative and very threatening to a woman. and of course, the greatest asset that she offers - procreation, reproductive freedom.

Children are a gift from God, but we as Children of God have no right to judge what is good or right for any other person.

I don’t condone abortion, but I know I can’t stop it and believe wholeheartedly that NO WRITTEN LAW will stop it. Methods and ways will be designed and developed to perform them.

I see Healthcare going forward to be between Dr. and patient We Must stop the Fear of Make this a Personal Attack on WOMEN — It remains CHAUVINISTIC, Controlling, and Power Mongering By MEN — perception, perception, perception

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Anna Shchemelinin, 4/4/2024 1:05 PM

"I don’t want abortion to be illegal, I want it to be unthinkable. " - Frank Stephens, an American disability advocate, actor, and athlete.

The main reason why conservatives continue losing abortion debates is that, while everywhere else, they strongly oppose government overreach of powers, when it comes to abortions, they insist that the government has to have the final say.

Most Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, want abortions, like in most Western countries, to be legal but limited to non-viable fetuses. To win on the issues, the pro-life debate should concentrate not on the legality of abortions but on the choices women have to avoid unwanted pregnancies and on the unavoidable psychological and physical damage to women who limit all their choices to elective abortions.

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Linda Erdmann, 4/5/2024, 4/5/2024 4:50 PM

Abortion is not a win for Republicans while the Democrats narrative is "a woman's right to choose". Yes, perhaps she does. But as a moral issue it is wrong. You are killing a human being. A baby...their narrative leaves this part out. But if a woman wants to kill her child she will live with the outcomes the remaining of her days. There should not be a national law dictating when, where, how, timing or anything. The Democrats have been pounding Republicans on this issue forever. We should not engage. Support your local Pregnancy Resource Center to help minimize abortions.

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Jan, 4/6/2024 1:28 PM

This is not a federal issue. Each state should determine what's right for their people.

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Carole Mendelsohn, 4/7/2024 9:55 AM

Abortion should never have been legislated in the first should have been a medical decision between a woman and her doctor. But since it has, there should be a CHOICE as this is a FREE country. If you don't want an abortion......don't get one, but

it's not anyones right to make a decision for someone else. The first trimester is the most reasonable as the fetus is not viable until after that, and it's the safest for the woman's health.

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karen, 4/7/2024 1:39 PM

Although I don't believe in abortion, there is no right answer, especially when considering cases of rape, or certain health risks to the mother or severe developmental issues impacting the unborn child. Should insurance cover those women who use abortion as a form of birth control - no, but I feel this topic should be handled by the States. Our country has larger problems and Trump should set is focus on dealing with immigration (terrorism, housing, food, health care, education - all entitlements). Let's shift our priority to homeless vets, child trafficking, and fentanyl.

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Phyllis, 4/7/2024 3:40 PM

It is now up to the states. Not a federal issue any longer. Say such.

There is absolutely nothing in our Constitution that even hints at a right to an abortion. As a matter of fact, it gives all the right to LIFE, liberty n pursue happiness.

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Carol, 4/9/2024 5:36 PM

Trump Bails on Protecting the Right to Life


By Cliff Kincaid


President Trump’s “state’s rights” approach to abortion is the same recipe for disaster that brought us the Civil War. The nation must be free, and that begins with human beings from the moment of conception. His new position solves nothing, and makes his attempt to get back into the White House much harder.  


Trump’s position will not mollify the ardent feminists who believe abortion is a sacrament to their pagan deities. In fact, it has become a form of child sacrifice common during the pagan era of Moloch worship.


The former president has been led astray, so much so that it jeopardizes his effort to evict the squatter, Joe Biden, from the White House. It was a critical miscalculation by advisers who think you can equivocate on the greatest moral issue of our time.  His new position undermines his credibility, perhaps fatally.


Trump’s new position will sap the strength from those of his supporters who had appreciated his right to life stand during his first term,  


The Supreme Court gave us the state’s rights approach to abortion, and Trump now says that’s fine with him. He’s against any effort to make the right to life into a federally-protected right. In short, he’s playing politics with the most important issue of our time. The advisers behind this fateful decision are worse than the Swamp that Trump wants to drain.


Abortion is the leading cause of death in the world today. We are not given that information in those terms because the media treat the unborn human being as a non-person.  They prefer the term “reproductive health care” as a euphemism for killing the unborn and they want our tax dollars to carry out the procedure.


Trump should learn something from the new Argentinian President Javier Milei, who said, “Philosophically speaking, I am in favor of the right to life.  Beyond that, there is a scientific justification to be had. It’s the fact that life begins at conception, it’s at that very instant that a new being begins to evolve with its own unique DNA,” Milei said.


“Beyond that, there is a matter of mathematics,” he explained. “Life is a continuum with two quantum leaps: birth and death. Any interruption in the interim is murder.”


House Speaker Mike Johnson was honest enough to have written an op-ed in 2005 referring to abortion as “a holocaust.” How else is an objective observer supposed to describe the murder of tens of millions of unborn innocent babies?


Johnson comments, “The Left openly celebrates the extinguishing of innocent and beautiful life through the evil of abortion.”


If the issue is framed in terms of science, morality, and the war on the unborn, Republicans have a chance to win the argument.


Trump did not choose that path.


We are inundated with public service announcements for animal rights groups with pictures of starving dogs in need of a rescue. Pet lovers respond with their donations, sometimes in exchange for a T-shirt. But images or pictures of aborted babies are taboo.  


One heroic pro-life Democrat, Terrisa Bukovinac, is running for president to stop “abortion extremism” in the Democratic Party and to show “the victims of abortion to the American people…” Her campaign is running 30-second TV ads showing in gruesome detail the remains of five babies killed by late-term abortion. Bukovinac says she captured the footage when she recovered the remains last year outside an abortion business in Washington D.C.


“These are the faces of a genocide,” she says.


And one of the faces behind the carnage is “genocide Joe,” a so-called “Catholic” who wants to make the “right” to abortion into a constitutional right. But that’s what the Supreme Court overruled in the Dobbs decision. Hence, sticking to a state’s rights approach does not guarantee the right to life of the innocent unborn.


Incredibly, the very liberal Pope has just come down on the side of the right to life, reaffirming the heinous nature of abortion in the Vatican Declaration on Human Dignity, Dignitas Infinita.


The media have emphasized his opposition to transgenderism, which is a fact, but the document is also truthful and forthright on the issue of abortion. This is the position that Trump should have taken. It would have been a winner with traditional Catholics and many other conservative Christians.


“In addressing some of the many grave violations of human dignity today,” the document declares, “we can draw upon the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, which emphasized that ‘all offenses against life itself, such as murder, genocide, abortion, euthanasia, and willful suicide’ must be recognized as contrary to human dignity.”


The section on abortion declares in part that “…no word has the power to change the reality of things: procured abortion is the deliberate and direct killing, by whatever means it is carried out, of a human being in the initial phase of his or her existence, extending from conception to birth.” (italics in the original).


It goes on to say that unborn children are, thus, “the most defenseless and innocent among us. Nowadays, efforts are made to deny them their human dignity and to do with them whatever one pleases, taking their lives and passing laws preventing anyone from standing in the way of this.”


The document proclaims that it must, therefore, be stated with all force and clarity, even in our time, that “this defense of unborn life is closely linked to the defense of each and every other human right,” adding, “It involves the conviction that a human being is always sacred and inviolable, in any situation and at every stage of development. Human beings are ends in themselves and never a means of resolving other problems.”


What Trump doesn’t understand is what led Whittaker Chambers to break with the Communist Party.  “Abortion was a commonplace of party life,” he wrote in his classic 1952 work Witness. “There were Communist doctors who rendered that service for a small fee. Communists who were more choosy knew liberal doctors who would render the same service for a larger fee. Abortion, which now fills me with physical horror, I then regarded, like all Communists, as a mere physical manipulation.” 


It was all physical because, in the communist view, there was nothing spiritual. Chambers was better known as the former Communist who would expose top State Department official and United Nations founder Alger Hiss as a Communist agent. But Witness was about an even greater struggle between the forces of darkness and light, of which communism versus freedom was just one chapter.  


It’s terrible news that Trump has failed to understand this element of the great struggle we find ourselves in. He may have just lost the election to Genocide Joe.

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Sharon Blankenship, 4/11/2024 10:15 PM

I am pro-baby but totally agree with DJT on the 15 week time period. It’s hard to legislate something so private, personal, medical, and moral. I think sometimes we forget age of mother, issues like rape, incest, etc. Public schools no longer teach sex education, how a baby develops before birth, marriage and the family. I hear many Republicans say adoption but have only known 4 people in my lifetime who have adopted. Until we provide for more programs and support, it will continue to be family and support decisions. We also forget age related - both young and older moms are or can be extremely high risk for premature births or one of 12 genetic issues resulting in deaths. I think most Republicans in bad situations will continue to make decisions based on faith, family, and medical advice. I am happy we have so many staunch supporters of prolife but our belief should not keep away voters that agree with our policies but think if my 13 yr old daughter was raped, I would not want to put her and her baby at risk

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