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Week of June 10, 2024

Week of June 10, 2024
Posted: Jun 6, 2024
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Topic: Biden's Executive Order Limiting Asylum at Border

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Will President Biden's executive order limiting asylum be effective at tightening border security?

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3 comments on article "Week of June 10, 2024"

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Glenda Stark, 6/7/2024 5:10 PM

This bright, shiny ploy is only to make Biden look like he is actually doing anything to stop the flow of illegals. Right now, the number of illegals are increasing because they fear Trump will be elected and they want in before that happens. Just like locks, which only keep honest people out, the present Exec Order will only work on those who might make good citizens. The nefarious illegals will continue to sneak in other spots.

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Jan Burch, 6/8/2024 5:01 PM

Unfortunately, Biden's Executive Order is a mere vote-buying ploy rather than an attempt to limit the number of asylum seekers from entering the country. If Biden were sincere about wanting to stem the flow of illegal immigration, he would allow no one to enter illegally, including those applying for asylum, until the backlog of cases has been dealt with and those already here have either been deported or granted asylum. Limiting entry only after a massive number of people have already been allowed into the country on questionable claims of persecution does nothing to cause foreign nationals to rethink their decision to come to the US and claim asylum. Until these people believe that they are not likely to gain entry into the country, the influx will continue unabated.

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Mary Adams, 6/11/2024 4:08 PM

I agree with the other commenters. This is just a ploy. I had not trust of Biden prior to his being elected (?) and my opinion has not changed but gotten worse. And I am heartbroken thinking of the number of children that have been harmed - not uplifted- but harmed by Biden's weakness on border policy. His whole admininstration is a sham in my opinion.

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