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Week of July 8, 2024

Week of July 8, 2024
Posted: Jul 4, 2024
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Topic: Will Biden be the Democrat Presidential Nominee?

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Will Joe Biden be the Democrat Party’s 2024 presidential nominee?

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6 comments on article "Week of July 8, 2024"

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Claudia Fisher, 7/5/2024 2:25 PM

I truly believe something will happen to Joe Biden that will incapacitate him from being able to run for office. This may happen before August 7 or shortly after. None of it bodes well for America.🇺🇸

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Mavis Brink, 7/5/2024 4:16 PM

Not if they're smart...but if they were smart, they wouldn't be Democrats!

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Jan, 7/5/2024 4:28 PM

In my opinion Biden will remain the Democratic nominee. The sole priority for the Democratic party is to keep Trump from becoming president again. Since Biden received more votes than Biden 4 years ago, they feel he can do it again. The fact that he has dementia matters little. If he can win, they'll keep him. This has the added advantage of avoiding the difficult question of Kamala Harris vs someone else (who would be white), thus avoiding the identity politics that would otherwise consume them.

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Natalie Millington, 7/5/2024 8:13 PM

If Joe Biden doesnt continue to reun for President, the Democratic Party has the option of running someone else more electable . A fresh face, a new outlook. It could be a real challenge. It coiuld also be Kahmala Harris. Then we would be in terrible trouble. Beter hope for Biden to keep the nomination.

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Donna Gordon, 7/9/2024 11:19 AM

Of course better for Trump for Biden to stay in the race, but I have no doubt something will happen, and Biden will NOT be on the ticket. But then again, I never believed he would last more than 6 months after the election, he was not competent in 2020. The real question should be: Who IS actually running the country?

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Erin Metters, 7/14/2024 4:45 PM

The Democrats are in a quandary. If they remove him from the ballot, they need to follow-up on the 25 Amendment and that makes Kamala President. Also, his war chest can only go to Kamala (as I understand it). If Kamala becomes president during this interim period, they may have to make her the candidate for the General Election. Although, Democrats always have a scheme in mind. Right now I think they are stuck with Joe, but anything can happen.

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