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Eileen Sobjack

Eileen Sobjack, President, 2022-2023

EILEEN SOBJACK of Washington
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Eileen Sobjack was elected president of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) at the 41st Biennial Convention in Orlando, Fla., and took office in January 2022.

Previously, Eileen served on the NFRW Executive Committee as 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, 3rd vice president, secretary and member-at-large. She is an NFRW Capitol Regent. In 2011, she was one of five state presidents nominated for the NFRW Ronald Reagan Leadership Award. 

Instrumental in supporting the reorganized club of Whatcom County RW, she was elected club president in 2000. At the state level, she served in many key and varied roles before being elected to two terms as state president of the Washington Federation of Republican Women (WFRW). During her terms WFRW membership increased.

Her journey into politics started when she was a young mother and a partner in her husband’s business. She saw firsthand the burden of excessive government control on families and small business. She became dedicated to assuring the liberty and freedoms we enjoy are available for the next generation. This led to her involvement initially as a volunteer lobbyist and activist for Republican issues.

She has served at many levels of county Republican leadership and as a member of the state party executive board. For her efforts, she was named 2006 Republican of the Year. She has been elected as a precinct committee officer since 1988 and has maintained the strong Republican percentage of votes in her precinct.

Eileen works each election season in local, state and national campaigns. She has managed many campaigns over the years, but she also dons her tennis shoes to doorbell for candidates, makes phone calls and provides meals to volunteers. She is eager to assist with whatever is needed.

Over the years, Eileen has volunteered her media experience to political and nonprofit groups, giving radio and TV interviews, writing articles and media releases, and organizing press conferences to promote Republican issues.

Eileen was elected as a Whatcom County charter review commissioner in 2015, receiving the most votes in her district. She is a lifetime member of the VFW Auxiliary, served as a trustee in her church and is a former public school teacher and private teaching consultant. She and her husband raised three active responsible citizens who, along with their spouses and nine children, are all Republicans.