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NFRW Candidate Recruitment Virtual Seminar

Event date: 2/16/2021 7:00 PM Export event

NFRW Candidate Recruitment Virtual Seminar
Posted: Feb 5, 2021
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Free; Registration Required

February 16, 2021
7pm Eastern (6pm Central; 5pm Mountain; 4pm Pacific)
Zoom Virtual Event

Seminar is free. Registration is required here.

Taught by award-winning NFRW Trainer Holly Robichaud of Tuesday Associates, this seminar is targeted to Federation club leaders and other members holding leadership positions in the party.

Here is what this seminar will discuss:

1. The importance in fielding a good GOP ticket.
2. Why recruit?
3. What offices should you recruit candidates for?
4. What are some attributes of potential good candidates?
5. Where do you find potential candidates?
6. How to talk to potential candidates.
7. What are the steps in getting a candidate to commit to running?
8. How to walk a potential candidate through the initial process.




2 comments on article "NFRW Candidate Recruitment Virtual Seminar"

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Sharon Denson, 2/16/2021 8:17 PM

I enjoyed the seminar. My 1st ZOOM.

S. Denson


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Jeanne Burden, 4/15/2021 3:45 PM

Is it possible to get a video of the NFRW Candidate Recruitment Virtual Seminar?

Jeanne Burden

Atlantic Federated Republican Women

Daytona Beach, FL

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