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West Orange Republican Women Federated (FL)

West Orange Republican Women Federated (FL)
Posted: Apr 25, 2019
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WORWF Hosts Constitutional Expert Krisanne Hall

In keeping with West Orange Republican Women Federated's mission to promote and inform the electorate and increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government, the April 11 meeting featured Constitutional expert KrisAnne Hall who delivered a passionate presentation on "Liberty and 'Forgotten Heroes' of our Nation."

International Women's Day 2019 was celebrated through her speech highlighting 13 women with amazing and inspiring stories. Among these were: Phyllis Wheatley, Betty Zane, Mary Ludwig Hays, Providence Cummings Wright, Abigail Adams, Hannah Winthrop, Penelope Barker, and Elizabeth Adams.

Ms. Hall emphasized that it is our responsibility as parents and grandparents to make sure that our posterity learns about the legacy of liberty and keep the torch burning brightly no matter what they learn elsewhere. We must get out in our communities in many ways, small and large, and educate others through our words and actions. She suggested, for example, auditing a college or university class (attending a class but not receiving credit for it ) which would allow for feedback and truth-telling in liberal teachers' classrooms.

Liberty University has many resources available to help with this agenda. Details are available at

CAPTION: KrisAnne Hall is pictured with WORWF Vice President Cree Haag, chairperson for speaker recruitment.

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