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Gaston County Republican Women (NC)

Gaston County Republican Women (NC)
Posted: Dec 30, 2020
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Author: Dot Cherry

Georgia On Our Minds: Positively Impacting Georgians Ahead of Run-off Election

High fives, huge thanks and many blessings for their safe return home go out to the Gaston County Republican Women members who worked tirelessly in Georgia recently. 

Throughout the December 11-13 weekend, members knocked on doors, built yard signs, attended meetings and rallies, endured the dismal weather and countered naysayers as they supported Republican candidates Perdue and Loeffler. Four members participated in this operation, making our club the largest contingency from a single club participating in the first wave.  Our warriors were: Suzanne Riley, Eileen Mateo, Lori Spargo and Melinda Suddes.

Ladies from other clubs in North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Delaware, Virginia, and Georgia, as well as NFRW President Ann Schockett, 1st Vice President Eileen Sobjack and Political Director Terri Hauser were also there. 

Our Fabulous Four had the opportunity to meet Sarah Palin and others during a kickoff rally. They were also in Georgia actively working/campaigning for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. Throughout the weekend, our Four knocked on 200 doors in Cobb County outside of Atlanta. Their personal commitment as they walked from house to house: “We will save the Senate and our country!” Charlene High, another dynamic GCRW member, also went down to Georgia with friends from the CWA. Their door knocking was very successful and well received.

Thank you, ladies, for your energy, spirit and grit.  You are truly the epitome of the ideal GASTON COUNTY REPUBLICAN WOMAN!‚Äč


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