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Mesa Republican Women's Club (AZ)

Mesa Republican Women's Club (AZ)
Posted: Apr 21, 2021
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Author: Nancy Salmon

Younger Members Matter: Membership Incentive Dinner with Congressman Biggs

Younger Members Matter to the Future of our Republic!

Republican Women’s Clubs’ rosters are often filled with women who are over the age of fifty.  Our Mesa Republican Women’s Club was no exception, and we wanted to change that.  As we looked to the future, we thought it was time to build and strengthen our club and the Republican party by recruiting younger women.  We want to prepare for a strong win in 2022.  Young women have energy, ideas and a fresh perspective.  We need them, and they need us.   

We created a membership incentive to bring in women under the age of 45.  This note below contains the information that we sent in our monthly newsletter.  Here is how it worked.


Mesa Republican Women’s Club Membership Incentive Drive

Congressman Andy Biggs and his wife Cindy have accepted the invitation to be the guests of honor at a private dinner for members of the Mesa Republican Women’s Club.  To be eligible to attend this private dinner, you must bring in one new person who is 45 years old or under and she must JOIN our club.  All new members matter, but this contest is to encourage club members to reach out to younger individuals so that they too can become engaged in the political process.  The dinner is only for the club member who recruits a new member.  Any of the new members who join must also recruit someone if they would like to attend – and we totally encourage that as well!  Member/Associate couples will both need to find someone to join if they want to attend together.


Our dinner was great fun and a total success.  Our club members even encouraged us to host more events like this.  We had an intimate dinner in a member’s backyard with perfect spring weather.  We had 14 members who qualified and actually had 17 new members under 45 join the club, including two younger men.  That may seem like a small number, but 17 under the age of 45 is a success.  Two of the attendees at the dinner were two of those new members under 45 who had each brought in a younger friend.  The new younger members are now inviting their friends to attend with them, and the number of younger members joining our club is really growing.  At this time, MRW has 128 Members/Associates and is growing rapidly every month.

Our Club is very fortunate to have Congressman Biggs in our area.  He recognizes the strength of Republican Women, appreciates our efforts and supports us by attending our club often.  Cindy Biggs is an active member of our club, and we acknowledge her work alongside the Congressman and are so grateful for her support.  We also had Former Congressman Matt Salmon as our BBQ guy for the evening.

You may not have someone like Congressman Biggs in your area that you could call on, but you can find someone whom everyone admires and someone they would love to meet on a more intimate level.  Incentives do work, and we found ours to be a complete success!


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