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North Shore Republican Women (TX)

North Shore Republican Women (TX)
Posted: Apr 22, 2021
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Club Forms "Pistols & Pearls" Shooting Group for Fun and Practice

The North Shore Republican Women of Texas has formed a shooting group called "Pistols & Pearls." The group meets once a month at a local gun range for target practice and to enjoy each other's company.

While the debate about gun control rages in the U.S., several members of a Republican Women organization in Texas are making sure their gun skills don't go to waste.  Some of the members of the North Shore Republican Women "Pistols & Pearls"  shooting group are honing their shooting skills while others are learning the basics. They follow shooting at targets with a fun lunch at a restaurant.

Those in the group build camaraderie while making the most of their 2nd Amendment rights. Instructors at the gun range give safety instruction before each session, and are on hand to give tips and help for those who aren't familiar with guns.

Tracie de Roulac, who started the group, is proficient with guns and wanted company while at the range. Lunch at a nearby restaurant gives all of them a chance to get to know their fellow members and talk about guns and politics. Hopefully they will never need to use their pistols on an actual person, but if they do, they'll be ready!

"Pistols & Pearls" has also been a tool for recruiting new North Shore Republican Women members who want to join the group. U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady, speaking at a North Shore Republican Women meeting, said that after reading a newspaper report about the women in the local newspaper, his wife jokingly asked how she could be a part of it.


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