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Concho Valley Republican Women (TX)

Concho Valley Republican Women (TX)
Posted: May 21, 2021
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Author: Beth Uherik

Hats, Horses & Hoorays at Local Parade

Concho Valley Republican Women of Texas participated in the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Parade.

San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Parade has been a tradition in San Angelo for about 90 years. The Concho Valley Republican Women have participated in this event several times over the last several years. The theme was Western/Americanism, so the Concho Valley Republican Women decided to enter a float in the 2021 San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Parade. What better time to show our community that Americanism is truly alive and well in the Concho Valley.

First, we had to find someone to lend us a trailer. Done. One of our members lent us a trailer, driver, hay and saddles. Several CVRW members gathered and got to work putting together an American-themed float. We threw serapes on the bales of hay for color and comfort.

We had banners with our logo, “Keep Texas Red,” and a Welcome Rodeo Fans banners on each side of the truck pulling the trailer loaded with Republican Women and one future Republican Woman. (My four-year-old granddaughter wanted to ride and had a wonderful time.) One club member wore a "bull fighter" clown costume for this occasion.

Of course, we could not forget the American Flag along with the Great State of Texas Flag on the float. Everyone wore hats and waved American Flags at the crowds. We were greeted with big smiles, claps, whoops and thumbs up along the parade route. People stood and shouted thank you. We even received high fives, and better yet, had kisses blown our way. What fun we all had!

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