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Republican Women of Greater North Texas (TX)

Republican Women of Greater North Texas (TX)
Posted: May 26, 2021
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Author: Ginny Webb

Club Works Hard to GOTV, Guide Our Legislators

Over the past year Republican Women of Greater North Texas members have put Texas and our country ahead of our own personal lives.

We phone banked, emailed, wrote letters and block walked during the heat of the Texas summer, going door to door working hard for President Trump, our local and state candidates and the 2020 election.

Our message was simple. Hold Texas, the country and conservatism over socialism. We attended numerous car and boat rallies in the metroplex. Club members even went to Georgia as part of the “Mighty Texas Task Force,” knocking on doors in Savannah and Charleston to GOTV for Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. 

After the dissapointment of the 2020 election, we pulled up our bootstraps and dove into the Texas 2021 legislative session which began in January. Our mission was our eight Texas Republican priorities as laid out during the 2020 Texas Convention. We called and emailed our representatives and visted Austin to meet with our reoresenataives. As I pen this, we are holding our breath on the outcome of several of our eight priorities. 

Our club is dynamic and on top of of what's happing in our state and in DC. This article is a big SHOUT OUT to all our hardworking members!


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