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Wake Republican Women (NC)

Wake Republican Women (NC)
Posted: Jun 15, 2021
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Author: Zan Bunn

Club Supports NCTreasurer Dale Folwell, Praises His Record of Saving State Millions

The State of North Carolina is very proud of our public servant, NC State Treasurer Dale Folwell. His leadership has saved our state millions during his various leadership roles in the NC Legislature, Governor's Administration, and since 2017, as the first GOP State Treasurer since 1876.

In 2020, Treasurer Folwell was the 3rd highest vote-getter in the state, showing his support with the voters. Voters know how valuable he is, and what financial acumen he brings to his job everyday.

The Treasurer's office administers the unclaimed property fund and returns money to those owed it. Check for yourself today at Treasurer Folwell could send you something you left in North Carolina.

When we work for the Republican ticket, it includes candidates like Dale Folwell. Treasurer Folwell has been a faithful supporter of our club, and a regular guest speaker since 2006. His common-sense approaches to many solutions is impressive, and has been a monumental savings for the state and taxpayers.

Just last March 2021, he visited again and shared how he is bringing transparency to medical costs in health care for state employees and patrons of the pension system in NC. He had some good news and some real talk. We understand he is trying, against all odds, to open up a system that benefits providers and hides costs from those who receive the benefits. We need his leadership at this time.

Dale Folwell stands tall and true in his service to his state. We are proud of him and his efforts. Thank you, Treasurer Folwell!


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