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Santa Fe Federated Republican Women (NM)

Santa Fe Federated Republican Women (NM)
Posted: Apr 14, 2023
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Author: Anne Doherty

Club Switches to Giving to Only Conservative Causes

In January, Santa Fe Federated Republican Women (NM) examined where we give our money and realized our gifts were not going to completely conservative causes.

The club had been supporting a high profile charity for over 20 years by collecting money in cans of the luncheon tables during our meetings. A review of the charity's website revealed management by a far left not-for-profit, and additional research confirmed the club's suspicions that a certain portion of the money was being given to support the organization that actually supported efforts opposite to our cause. 

In the end, the club's board voted to change this long-standing tradition and channel the proceeds from the "change" cans to two organizations: Better Together New Mexico, a grassroots organization that mobilizes leaders across the state to fight bad legislation, and Desert Rose Women's Center.

The members love it! Giving has gone up dramatically.



1 comments on article "Santa Fe Federated Republican Women (NM)"

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Ida B., 5/1/2023 12:26 PM

Good for you! Happy to hear of your work.

I find this message about giving to other political parties as a way of caring rather dumb as it weakens and dilutes our own causes:

I say do good! But that does not mean supporting other parties as such will only dilute, weaken and cause you to no longer exist.

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