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Wood County Republican Women's Club (OH)

Wood County Republican Women's Club (OH)
Posted: Aug 2, 2023
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Club Members Register Voters, Hand Out Literature at County Fair

Wood County Republican Women's Club of Ohio is supporting the county GOP during the county fair by registering many young high school graduates heading to college, passing out literature, and engaging with voters.

The fair began on July 30 and ends August 6. Each year WCRWC helps at the GOP building by greeting voters, signing up new voters and new club members, selling items to benefit our scholarship fund, and just engaging with other voters and prospective female club members.

We have been busy supporting Issue 1 in Ohio to protect our Ohio Constitution from outside influence, as well as issues on how we live in Ohio. While the month of August is not typically a month for voting in Ohio, this time it is THE most important month.

CAPTION: Thank you to member Vicki Hartkopf for greeting one of the cutest little goats and its owner.


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