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Republican Women of Baltimore County (Maryland)

Posted: Feb 4, 2019
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Member Profile - Run for Congress

A Journey from the Left to the Right

An interview with Liz Matory, who ran for Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District in Maryland, proved to be an awe-inspiring journey for her as she moved from a liberal thinking mindset and agenda, then as an Independent then to the conservative side as a registered Republican.

Born February 11, 1980 in Washington, D.C. Liz considers herself a “Born Again Republican” and also having published a book bearing that title. Her educational background consists of a BA from Columbia University, an MBA from the University of Maryland and a JD from Howard University. Her political activism entails involvement with the Maryland Federation of Republican Women and the Maryland State Republican Central Committee.

Liz has strong opinions that she has developed and also witnessed as she transitioned from one party to the other over time. She saw extensive governmental manipulation and control enacted in which she feels you loose personal autonomy. She feels that the control can jeopardize, subtract from and redefine standby traditions of family, faith and belief in one self. Once the belief in one self is eroded it allows for more intervention by the government. She believes in the tenet that you can’t control people as much when they are given a choice. A quote from Liz states, “We should be further along as a community and country than we are but for the three generations of failed liberal policies our country is unrecognizable. If we do not take a bold, focused step to challenge the status quo our American way of life will be lost forever.”

Despite having lost in the mid term election to Dutch Ruppersburger Liz is primed to continue her journey through her political activism for the top issues important to her which are protecting our 2nd amendment rights as well as the Right to Life causes for the unborn, honoring our service members and families, the lowering of taxes and to grow the economy. As for elections in general Liz adheres to rule # 1 that the only elections that are easy to steal are the close ones.

Liz currently resides in Parkville, MD and is slated to begin work on a second book.


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