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Club Spotlight

Solano Republican Women Federated, California

Solano Republican Women Federated, California
Posted: May 1, 2017
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Club Spotlight

In an effort to honor our Second Amendment and the rights it bestows upon us, nearly half of our 22 members spent an afternoon at a local shooting range owned and operated by veterans of each military branch. 

We spent over an hour learning about gun safety, and hands-on training in loading, unloading, and otherwise properly handling several types of weapons. We then spent the rest of our time target shooting with our own personal assistant, who continued to provide more detailed training on hand position and other nuances. 

It was a fantastic outing with as many personal takeaways as there were attendees. Some have been shooting most of their lives. Others hadn’t shot in decades, and some had never held a gun before. 

Those with experience enjoyed helping and watching the others. Although everyone loved the field trip, about half won’t shoot again, and half will. Overall, a fantastic experience! 

- Janet Roberts, Solano RWF president

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