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Club Spotlight

Johnston County Republican Women, North Carolina

Johnston County Republican Women, North Carolina
Posted: May 12, 2017
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Club Spotlight

Johnston County Republican Women is a vital part of our county's political landscape. In addition to traditional campaign activities, we have supported our military by adopting a Marine Corps base in Japan through a manufacturer's coupon program that helps deployed families save money, and we are helping local women and children who are victims of domestic violence by donating much needed personal care items to a local shelter. 

For our literacy efforts this year, we are donating a small "library" -- a bookcase filled with adult and children's books-- to this shelter. 

This past campaign season, we held one of our more unique fundraisers, which was quite interesting and informative. We worked with a local catering venue to host an evening with "The Terrorist Whisperer," Hamody Jasim (pictured), who grew up in Iraq, joined the new Iraqi army to fight ISIS, and became a valuable asset to our US military for his abilities to interpret and to recognize the bad guys.

Jasim became the head of security inside the Ministry of Defense, and is credited for saving many lives, including top US military officers. He thwarted a bomb making plan inside the MOD, and has been publicly recognized by the likes of Gen. Petraeus for his work. He has written a book about his experiences, and is in the process of filming a documentary for television. Club members enjoyed heavy hors d'oeuvres, door prizes, a riveting presentation, Q&A, and book signings. 

JCRW is a club looking to do new things and grow!

-- Michelle Haller, President

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