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Club Spotlight

Education in a Creative Way

Posted: Dec 13, 2018
Categories: Club Spotlights
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Author: Jane Kizer

Join us for a cab ride to learn the differences between Republicans and Democrats.

The GSP Republican Women have a goal to bring some creativity into our meetings.  We aim to educate, but we also want our members and guests to be excited about *how* we educate.  At our monthly meeting, prior to the election, we presented a play on the differences between Democrats and Republicans.  In our play, a Democrat and Republican ended up in the same cab headed to protest for and against tax cuts.  We were able to provide the various stances as these two people "rode toward the Lincoln Memorial."  These kinds of creative educational tools will be a great way to engage the younger generation and show them accurately what the differences are.  It is hard to argue against what is best with such a presentation.  We definitely had a blast writing the script, rehearsing, creating props and presenting this play.  And we are looking forward to more opportunities to do similar presentations in the future.



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