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Leander Area Republican Women (TX)

Leander Area Republican Women (TX)
Posted: May 8, 2023
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Club Volunteers to Help Students Sell Their Artwork to Benefit Local Charity

Leander Area Republican Women of Texas began during COVID in late 2021, a time when opportunities to serve were not readily available. So, when community events began to open up, the Caring for America Committee was prepared and eager to serve!

The committee partnered with a local chairty called HCCM. Hill Country Community Ministries serves Williamson County and the surrounding areas. Each year HCCM hosts the "Empty Bowl" Project, where grade school children's pottery is on display to the community. The "empty bowls" could then be sold to benefit HCCM. 

This is the second year in a row, LeanderARW volunteered at the "Empty Bowl Project." Caring for America volunteers set up the displays, provided cashiers and wrapped these adorable creations for this charity event. Grandparents, parents and families in and around the school disctrict were able to come and see the childrens pottery on display.

HCCM provides assistance to those in need by providing fresh produce to their clientele weekly. They deliver medical equipment to the elderly who cannot drive, and help many in the community get resources they need.

The children were delighted to come and see the "empty bowl" they created, and the volunteers had a great time wrapping and selling the bowls for this worthy cause. Smiles abound!


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