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Vice President Mike Pence Makes Surprise Stop at NFRW Regents Event

Vice President Mike Pence Makes Surprise Stop at NFRW Regents Event
Posted: Sep 26, 2019
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Extends Hearty Hoosier Welcome for 40th Biennial NFRW Convention

Vice President Mike Pence surprised NFRW Regents by stopping by their reception at the Indiana State Museum on Thursday, September 26, to give them a warm Hoosier welcome to Indianapolis for the 40th Biennial NFRW Convention.

"This is an incredible team, this is a phenomenal group of leaders, and I wanted to come by and thank you,” the Vice President told the group. “If you all will step forward, redouble your energy, get motivated this week and burst out of Indiana like this is the starting gate, and do all that you can in the days ahead, I believe we’re going to reelect a Republican majority in the United States Senate, we’re going to elect a Republican majority in the House of Representatives, and we’re going to get four more years of President Donald Trump.”

Vice President Pence spoke to the group for about 15 minutes before posing for a group photo and several selfies, signing a few autographs, and giving a few hugs.


WATCH: Vice President's full speech

CONTACT: NFRW Communications Department, communications@nfrw.org

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