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Membership Awards Recognize Excellence in Building Programs, Recruiting Members

Membership Awards Recognize Excellence in Building Programs, Recruiting Members
Posted: May 9, 2019
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Winning Clubs, Members and States to be Recognized at Biennial Convention

The NFRW Membership Awards are presented to clubs, members and states that demonstrate excellence in the area of membership development. These awards are administered by the NFRW Membership Committee. Membership Awards are not the same as Achievement Awards.

Don’t let your club or state be left out. It’s fun and easy!

The fillable awards forms should be downloaded from the NFRW member website at and saved to your local computer, filled out digitally, and then emailed to the appropriate entity.

The Membership Awards form for clubs and members is due by Saturday, June 1, 2019, to your state president. The Membership Awards form for states is due by Sunday, June 30, 2019, to NFRW Membership Committee Chair Caroline Smith at and Vice Chair Linda Kivi Porter at Also due to the NFRW Membership Committee on June 30 are the club/member forms that have been reviewed and certified by the state president. Each form has specific instructions that should be followed, as well as contact information.

The NFRW member website requires a login. If you are having difficulty registering your website account or logging in, please contact our Member Support Team at

The awards will be presented during the NFRW’s 40th Biennial Convention this September in Indianapolis, Indiana. Winners will be announced in the Official Convention Program.

We're looking forward to recognizing your outstanding membership development achievements at the convention.

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DOWNLOAD: Membership awards forms for clubs/members and states

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