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NFRW On Frontlines Supporting President Trump in War Against COVID-19

NFRW On Frontlines Supporting President Trump in War Against COVID-19
Posted: Mar 20, 2020
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'Together, America will prevail. Together, we’re better!'

In response to the White House statement that America will prevail in the war against the spread of COVID-19 with “love, patriotism and determination of our citizens,” NFRW President Ann Schockett added there is no greater force supporting our President and his administration than our Federated Republican Women.

“We ‘NFRWarriors’ are mobilized on the frontlines defending our nation by ‘Building Leaders, Energizing Communities, Keeping America Strong,’” Schockett stated.

Vice President Mike Pence has said that while the efforts of federal, state and local governments, and the scientific and business communities are important, there is no substitute for the action of the American people.

The NFRW is calling on members to take action, first and foremost by following President Trump’s 15 Days to Slow the Spread guidelines. The NFRW Caring for America Committee is asking members to look for ways they can help their communities. Watch the NFRW Facebook page for suggestions on what you can do to reach people in need, and share your ideas with our Facebook community.

While heeding the Trump administration’s guidelines, the NFRW's committees, officers and staff are continuing the work of the Federation uninterrupted.

“Together, America will prevail. Together, we’re better!” Schockett said. “In the words of our great President Donald J. Trump, ‘No nation on Earth will emerge stronger and more united than ours.’”

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