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NFRW Encourages Members to Continue Supporting Campaigns, Candidates During COVID-19 Pandemic

NFRW Encourages Members to Continue Supporting Campaigns, Candidates During COVID-19 Pandemic
Posted: Apr 16, 2020
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Staying Healthy, Safe While Engaging in Grassroots Activities

The National Federation of Republican Women is committed to continuing to actively support candidates and their campaigns while Americans are sheltering at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NFRW Campaign Committee offers these great suggestions of ways to stay healthy and safe while assisting our incredible Republican leaders:

Complete voter contact calls from home. Reach out to your state party or local Republican campaigns to learn how you can make calls from the comfort and safety of your home. Many campaigns are still contacting voters, and NFRW members can do their part.

Vote by absentee ballot. Many states are expanding deadlines and procedures to encourage and help more voters vote from home! Consider voting from home this election season and encourage others to do the same.

Write a letter to the editor. Many of our Republican elected officials are hard at work securing critical funds and resources to combat COVID-19. Consider submitting a letter to the editor highlighting their efforts so members of the community can recognize their leadership.

Participate in tele-conferences. Many campaigns and elected officials are holding tele-conferences and tele-town halls to answer questions and deliver news on the latest resources available to individuals and businesses. NFRW members should support Republican leaders by joining these calls and inviting others to do so.

Post on social media. Social media is a safe and effective way to share information. Re-post good deeds by Republican candidates and organizations to support their positive efforts in our community.

By proactively reaching out to campaigns and utilizing online programs and tools, the NFRW will continue to be a leader in Republican grassroots efforts across the country.

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