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Tennessee FRW Helps

Tennessee FRW Helps
Posted: Apr 23, 2020
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Care Thru Conversation
We have been advised by Senator Dolores Gresham of a program launched by the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability. This program, "Care Through Conversation," provides older adults and caregivers with regularly scheduled telephone calls from volunteers to see if older adults have what they need, such as food, prescriptions, etc. Sometimes people just want to have a conversation with someone. This is a time, due to Covid-19 and people having to stay inside, that the elderly and disabled really need this service.

Some clubs might want to take this as a "Caring for America" project. For more information on this program, go online to

All clubs probably have older and/or disabled members who might benefit from a similar local program instituted by their club for their members, or anyone else in the community if they choose.

In this time of uncertainty for all, stay safe and stay well.

-- Katie Scott
TFRW Caring for America Chair

Ronald McDonald House
Shelby County RWC

Members of Shelby County Republican Women's Club stay inside and stay involved during this Pandemic. As a result, they decided to focus their energies on a Caring for America project by collecting money for The Ronald McDonald House, which is used by families of patients at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Even though our world has slowed down, the needs of these children and their parents remain constant. We wanted to contribute to making their stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Our members enthusiastically sent in checks because shopping for items now is diļ¬ƒcult. Our club members have raised over $1,000.00, and we are still accepting donations. If interested in contributing, please send your check made out to SCRWC, noting RMHC at the bottom, and mail to Sohelia Kail, 2264 W. Glenalden, Germantown, TN 38139.

-- Donna Howard
Shelby County RWC President

Chattanooga Tornado Relief Efforts
Hamilton County RW

Early Monday morning, April 13, a 145 mph tornado hit the Chattanooga area. 150 homes and buildings were damaged, including club members' homes. So many volunteers from other parts of TN and from different states are in the Chattanooga area helping in the clean-up efforts that Club volunteers have made monetary donations and, wearing masks, have taken meals to the workers. The Hamilton County Republican Women partnered with Volkswagen of Chattanooga and United Way of Chattanooga to donate supplies to the people victimized by the tornado that hit Chattanooga. The club asks that we pray for Hamilton County. Donations are appreciated. Please send to United Way of Chattanooga, 630 Market St, Chattanooga, TN 37402.

-- Patsy Henry
Hamilton County RW President

Hendersonville Samaritan Center
Sumner County RW

The Sumner County Republican Women's Club has supported the Hendersonville Samaritan Center as an ongoing Care for America Project, at least twice a year, for many years. They contacted us with a request for help to bag food for backpacks for school children in need at our local schools. This is an easy, fun activity that requires very little time and provides an opportunity for club members to interact and get to know each other while helping feed our school children in need in our communities. The ladies assembled food packages that will be used by Sumner County schools to send home with children, who do not have enough to eat at home, on weekends and holidays. In two days, the group was able to assemble over 950 food packages. Club community volunteer hours help SCRW to achieve TFRW rewards for excellence. It also provides an opportunity for us to share on social media our club's efforts to support the communities in our area. Members of SCRW participating were Patricia Polston, Petti Williams, Jeannie Isbell, Andrea Swisher, Susanna Haywood, Mary Hartman, and Sharon Johnson.

-- Sharon Johnson
Sumner County RW President

Tornado Relief Fund Benefitting First Responders
Nashville RW

Nashville Republican Women created a fundraiser to assist our First Responders during their long hours working areas hit by the March 2, 2020 F2 and F3 tornadoes. Metro-at-Large Councilman Steve Glover recommended Box55 as a great organization to make contributions to. Box55 operates by serving refreshments out of a customized 18-foot response truck to First Responders on scene (Police, Fire, EMS, OEM, etc.) This truck is equipped with a microwave, all aluminum cabinetry and 2 coffee makers. This vehicle also carries misting fans, lighting, a generator, folding chairs, a kerosene heater and a cooler of cold drinks and snacks. Box 55 members are alerted by pager and respond 24 hours, 7 days a week when needed. Based on protocol, one or two members drive the rehab unit to the incident scene, while other members will arrive in their personal vehicle. You can learn more about this wonderful Volunteer group by going to The Nashville Republican Women collected $3,000 toward the immediate needs of Box55 and a letter and check was mailed to them on the March 12th.

-- Mary Obersteadt
Nashville RW President

Mid-South Food Bank
RW of Purpose

The Mid-South Food Bank is helping people stay home by assembling food boxes with nonperishable food to help low-income and vulnerable populations. The food boxes will be available through their network of partner food pantries in the area. Each will contain about 30 pounds of canned and packaged food. RW of Purpose donated $500 to help during this national crisis. Since the April meeting was canceled, President Mindy Fischer challenged the club's members to donate the $25 luncheon fee to the Mid-South Food Bank. Each donation will cover the cost of three boxes! If you wish to help, you may mail donations to: Mid-South Food Bank, 3865 S. Perkins Road, Memphis, TN 38118.

-- Mindy Fischer
RW of Purpose President




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