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NFRW Campaign Committee Introduces New Campaign Volunteer Reporting Survey

NFRW Campaign Committee Introduces New Campaign Volunteer Reporting Survey
Posted: Jun 18, 2020
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Each election year, NFRW members contribute millions of campaign volunteer hours.

Whether making calls, hosting events, knocking doors or putting together yard signs, our members play a critical role in helping elect Republican candidates across the country.

The NFRW Campaign Committee is implementing a new, nationwide tracking system that allows each individual NFRW member to log campaign volunteer hours quickly and easily online through Survey Monkey.

Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Fill out your first survey by June 30th to report all your campaign volunteer hours from January 1 through May 31, 2020.
  • Going forward, hours should be submitted, at minimum, on a monthly basis by the 2nd day of the following month. (The report for June hours will be due July 2nd; the report for July hours will be due August 2.)
  • If you prefer to report "real time," you may submit your hours as frequently as once a day or once a week as you complete your volunteer work. If you choose to submit in real time, please be sure not to "double count."

Access the new Campaign Volunteer Reporting Survey

Access Frequently Asked Questions about Campaign Volunteer Hours

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