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Tennessee Federation's First Virtual Board Meeting Features Senator Marsha Blackburn

Tennessee Federation's First Virtual Board Meeting Features Senator Marsha Blackburn
Posted: Aug 17, 2020
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The Tennessee Federation of Republican Women held a Zoom Board Meeting on Saturday, August 15.

Business consisted of the following:

  • The Announcement of the number of Federation memberships thus far in 2020. Congratulations on reporting 1,804 members thus far. October 24 will be the deadline for sending 2020 memberships to Treasurer Bonnie Siler and Second VP Judy Cooley.
  • Donation reminder to the Barbara McAndrew Iris Fund reminder which can still be made by the August 31 deadline. These contributions will go to our candidates seeking to retain the Republican majority in the Tennessee House and Senate. During this very difficult time, candidates are struggling and, more than ever, they need the support that the Iris Fund can give them. Please mail your donations, payable to the Barbara McAndrews Iris Fund, to Lyna Medlock, 7629 Foster Ridge, Germantown, TN 38138.
  • The Human Trafficking Call to Action, concerning Bill – S.3398, EARN IT Act, that was issued to contact Senator Mitch McConnell to encourage him to schedule this bill on the Senate floor and to contact Senator Lamar Alexander to support it. We also encouraged our members to contact their U.S. Congressmen to get the EARN IT Act passed.
  • The reminder of the August 18, 9:30 AM Central Time re-enactment of the historic vote of the 19th Amendment in the Tennessee General Assembly. It will be live-streamed from the State Capitol via the TNWoman100 Facebook and YouTube pages.
  • Special guest Senator Marsha Blackburn spoke of her work in the Senate and offered us guidelines to accentuate the differences between the Republicans and Democrats on major issues, of more in-depth history of Republican Women’s roles in the suffrage movement, and her recent response on Fox News to Liberal Women’s Group Letter to Media Executives. (see link to video article)
  • Now that the Primary Election is over, and according to the Federation’s mission, we are uniting behind all of our Republican candidates to defeat the Democrats on November 3. Donald J. Trump will be the name on the top of the ballot and we will work hard to re-elect our President.


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