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Evergreen Republican Women's Club (WA) Hosts United We Stand Rally

Posted: Sep 29, 2020
Categories: Club Spotlights
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Author: Peggy Tuttle

The Evergreen Republican Women's Club in Snohomish County, Washington, held a "United We Stand Rally" for Loren Culp, our Republican candidate for Governor, and other Republican candidates at an apple orchard in Sultan, Washington.

As the club event for September grew in popularity, it changed to a "Peaceful Protest" with over 600 people in attendance. Live music from an oldies band, MacDaddy, filled the air with joyful music as people enjoyed food from the 2 1/2 Men BBQ truck.  

There was plenty of room for social distancing on this 23-acre apple orchard as people cheered the candidates refreshing and inspiring messages. Good news was all you heard at this gathering, and people were ecstatic to be together to support our Republican candidate for Governor, Loren Culp, as he made his grand entrance to the stage in a 6 wheeled army truck. 

The strong conservative messages of true Americans who support our Constitution and freedoms were unmistakably unifying, exhilarating, and encouraging to bring hope and common sense back to America.

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