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Barrett Will Advocate for the Cornerstone That Makes America Great -- Our Constitution

Barrett Will Advocate for the Cornerstone That Makes America Great -- Our Constitution
Posted: Oct 16, 2020
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By Ann Schockett, NFRW President

The National Federation of Republican Women believes that the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is more than just a judicial appointment. We know it is about the future of America and whether Americans will continue to live under the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

As Judge Barrett calmly answers question after question from the Senators on the Judiciary Committee – questions ranging from the poignant to the ludicrous – she unwaveringly responds that she intends to “apply the law and adhere to the rule of law,” that she believes in the independence of the judiciary, and that she will not come to the court with an agenda.

This principled philosophy is precisely what the Founders had in mind when they defined the judiciary as our third branch of government.

Why don’t the Democrat Senators get that? Why do they insist on turning these hearings into a campaign rally and a fishing expedition for the perfect “gotcha” moment?

More importantly, why do they think the Supreme Court exists to help them impose policies that they know wouldn’t pass otherwise? That our Constitution can be treated this way is deplorable.

In my role as the National Federation of Republican Women President, I have the opportunity to speak to Americans across the country. I have come across many who, like my own family, fled from oppressive socialist countries to find freedom and opportunity in America. We watch with growing dismay as the signs of oppression reveal themselves. That is something we thought we left behind.

We see our history being erased as historic statues topple; law and order erodes as our police are demonized and defunded; and our own President’s legitimacy is constantly undermined by an unelected entrenched bureaucracy.

We see young people flirt with the ideas of socialism without knowing the reality behind the propaganda.

That concerns me deeply and it also compels me to work harder, alongside my dedicated NFRW sisters across the nation, for the advancement of our Republican candidates and our Republican ideals.

Amy Coney Barrett is just 48 years old and is likely to serve on the Supreme Court for decades. It gives me hope and it makes me proud that such a remarkable person will serve our nation as an advocate for the cornerstone of all that makes our country great – our Constitution.



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