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Arkansas Federation Shows Strong Women Get Things Done

Arkansas Federation Shows Strong Women Get Things Done
Posted: Apr 21, 2021
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State Did Not Become RED Overnight


Arkansas did not become a RED state overnight.

It took decades of hard work by Republicans who were conservative when Arkansas was a BLUE state and being openly conservative had serious financial and social repercussions. 

The WOMEN of the Republican Party played an ESSENTIAL role in growing the party in this state .

It is because of their efforts that a solid foundation was laid in Arkansas to build a party with strong principles and a platform that is a winning strategy. 

I just finished an amazing weekend with several hundred of these women at the Arkansas Federation of Arkansas Federation of Republican Women Convention! 

It was a weekend of inspiring, motivating, educating, and empowering women to “up their game” and lead the charge to grow this movement ! 

I’m so inspired by the speaker, Ann Schockett, and the leaders of this organization. 

Outgoing President Sharon Robinson-Stuthard was an outstanding leader who passed the gavel on to Jennie Felling who is already on the ground and running to move us forward ! 

We honored a legend in her own time, Reta Hamilton for a lifetime of service to the Republican Party national and state level. 

Some of the greatest female mentors in my life were strong conservative women who were in the Arkansas Federation of Republican Women. 

Ladies, If you haven’t joined us, it’s never too late!

Jan Morgan,
Garland County Republican Women 


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