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Fayette County Republican Women (KY)

Fayette County Republican Women (KY)
Posted: Apr 27, 2021
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Supporting Local Veterans Center

Working around the pandemic, Fayette County Republican Women's Club of Kentucky supports the Thomas-Hood Veterans Center in Midway, Kentucky. The facility provides skilled nursing care and rehab, and is dedicated to providing and maintaining excellence in the care of their Kentucky veterans.  

The Kentucky Fayette County Republican Women’s Club loves to help annually by donating specific items such as neck pillows, dry erase boards, and snack foods requested by the veterans, usually near Veteran’s Day. The club accomplished its fall project with Thomson-Hood, but this year it required a few tweaks due to the pandemic and quarantine of long-term care facilities.  

In September and October, the Fayette County Republican Women’s Club received carloads of designated items, requested by the Thomas-Hood Activities Director Allison Jones. Unfortunately, in November the club had to change their task from gathering items because of a COVID outbreak at the center. Instead, gift cards were requested, since visitors were not being admitted to the center for the remainder of the year.  

Due to the generous nature of Fayette County Republican Women’s Club membership, $400 in gift cards was collected.  In early December, special arrangements were made, and the activities director met club members to retrieve the donations and gift cards collected for the veterans. These gifts made during the holiday season surely made the veterans’ holidays a little brighter and more joyful.   

The Fayette County Republican Women’s Club hearts were warmed just to be able to contribute in some small way to their local veterans’ joy.



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