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Johnston County Republican Women (NC)

Johnston County Republican Women (NC)
Posted: May 23, 2021
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Author: Lori Carroll

Club Gets Creative During COVID With Raffle Fundraising

It became apparent during the COVID-19 lockdown that our club, the Johnston County Republican Women of North Carolina, needed to be creative to sustain our operations. We needed connectivity, excitement, and future funding to support our 2022 Republican candidates. From this, our online club raffles were born.

Through the magic of social networking, each raffle had a theme; beauty, cooking, spring, Rush Limbaugh, Mother’s Day, etc. Each raffle was clearly seen and described via our Facebook page. The raffle items were all donated from membership, private in-kind donations, and county businesses. Tickets were purchased via check, Venmo, PayPal & sometimes cash. Ticket numbers were given to each buyer at a rate of 1/$5, 3/$10, 10/$25.

The fundraising chair and the treasurer are closely connected between the in-kind donations and the ticket transactions. The winner is selected at a predetermined date/time advertised to all, allowing for two weekends to purchase raffle tickets.  The winning ticket is drawn via Facebook Live where our 679 club Facebook patrons can tune in to see who has won the current raffle. 

To date, we have raised $1,933.19 which has allowed us to maintain our base treasury with this raffle funding now available for donating to Republican candidates. 

We don’t foresee this style of fundraising ending, as it’s been an enjoyable process for our club members and Facebook patrons!


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