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All Eyes Are On Virginia

All Eyes Are On Virginia
Posted: Oct 20, 2021
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By NFRW President Ann Schockett with Nancy Almasi, Virginia FRW PR Chair

All eyes are on Virginia as the race for governor tightens to a dead heat.

The Republican candidate is Glenn Youngkin, a man of faith who exudes Republican values and brings confidence and practical solutions from a successful business career. As former CEO of the Carlyle Group, a global investment fund with $260 billion of assets, our Republican candidate has proven his worth as a successful businessman. He now seeks to parlay his corporate experience and community involvement to turn Virginia away from its leftward lurch.

His opponent is Terry McAuliffe - former Virginia governor/Clinton crony/Biden defender/Democrat operative. Enough said.

Virginia’s election is being watched closely as a bellwether for next year’s mid-terms for control of the U.S. Congress and into 2024. And NFRWarriors are again front and center, on the ground and on the phones, working overtime to make sure the results portend storm clouds ahead for Joe Biden and his band of woke Democrats.

Over the Columbus Day weekend, NFRW led powerful strike force efforts alongside our VFRW sisters in Virginia. The dedication and the spirit of the women who came to volunteer is inspiring. They are determined not to let Virginia - as one lady put it - go the way of California. They are concerned about schools that indoctrinate rather than educate. They are worried about the slow recovery of the economy, undermined by the heavy-handed policies of the Biden administration. Our women fear for the future in which elected officials defund the police and the rule of law is ignored. Most of all, they want their children and grandchildren to live in a country where our history – albeit imperfect - is upheld as a beacon of hope instead of being erased.

These issues will play out in Virginia this November, and across the nation in 2022. Virginia is the first battle of the larger war, which is why it is so important that Republican women step up now.

The critical election day is November 2, 2021 – less than two weeks away, and early voting already is well underway. We cannot waste a moment. The polls are tight, and the media continues to report growing concern among Virginia Democrats, with good reason. Let’s intensify NFRW’s efforts to propel Glenn Youngkin and his teammates – Winsome Sears (Lt. Governor) and Jason Miyares (Attorney General) – to victory. Every volunteer counts, and YOU can make a difference.

What Can You Do to Ensure Victory in Virginia and Send a Message to Biden that his woke, socialist and dangerous agenda is unacceptable to the American people?

  • GOTV! Early voting has begun. Make calls to potential voters from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the U.S., through the use of the app, Campaign Sidekick. Download the free app from your phone’s app store and make calls from your phone or computer. For training, contact Volunteer - Youngkin For Governor.
  • DONATE! McAuliffe has full access to all the resources the Democrats and their allies have to offer. Please give to the Republican ticket in Virginia:
  • VOLUNTEER! If you live in Virginia, contact your local GOP unit and volunteer. Anyone able to get to Virginia, we still need people to knock doors, make calls, and deliver yard signs. Election integrity is critical, and we need Republican poll watchers and election officers to monitor the election process. Drive people to the polls. Greet voters outside the polling place while passing out Republican sample ballots. Help the campaign write thank you notes to donors. All efforts are appreciated!
  • REACH OUT! Encourage anyone you know in Virginia to vote for the Republican ticket. Studies have shown that personal outreach is key is to encouraging people to engage in important civic acts such as voting.

At our recent national convention in Orlando, I was proud to announce that this term NFRW members across the country have volunteered an historic 8 million plus campaign hours on behalf of our party and candidates. We were the driving force behind thousands of local, state and federal triumphs across the nation in 2020. Let’s make Virginia the shining jewel in our crown.

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NFRW STUDIO LIVE: Winsome Sears, Republican nominee for Virginia lieutentant governor, discusses what's at stake in the Nov. 2 election


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