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Protecting Our Freedoms: Freedom is Not Free

Protecting Our Freedoms: Freedom is Not Free
Posted: Jan 21, 2022
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A Message from NFRW President Eileen Sobjack

On Monday, we honored Martin Luther King, our nation’s cherished civil rights leader. Dr. King had many things to say about the First Amendment and our freedom of speech.

In his last speech he said, “But somewhere I read of the freedom of assembly. Somewhere I read of the freedom of speech. Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for right.”

We are not Communist China where churches meet secretly and the government controls nearly every move. However, if we do nothing, we could lose our precious freedoms. The Republican Party is the party of the people and the party of freedom. In 1854 the Republican Party was started to abolish slavery; the Republican Party has always stood for freedom. It is Republicans who stand for prosperity and opportunity.

Republican Women have a powerful platform to protect our First Amendment right to free speech, as well as all our constitutional principles. It begins when we become knowledgeable and then as we provide programs that educate others.

These days we are witnessing our prosperity and opportunities slip away through liberal Democrats’ efforts to dismantle our form of government to create a more socialist country and due to an inept administration that can’t do anything right.

Bidenflation has created higher costs and lower wages. Seventy percent of households making under $40,000 report inflation is hurting them. Shelves are empty across the country. We are experiencing a historic and tragic border crisis, but our vice president still won’t go near the border. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was another tragedy, and private groups had to step in to rescue Americans trapped in that country.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa Faura, who became an American citizen at 18 years of age. Vanessa knows first-hand what it is like to live under an oppressive government and to come to America, a free country. Her patriotic passion for this country has led her to become the Republican National Committee Director of Women’s Engagement. NFRW and RNC will be joining together on several initiatives that will help us promote Republican Women and our principles and bring in votes.

Republican Women have a mighty role to play this year protecting freedom and building our base as we look toward the election.


CAPTION: NFRW President Eileen Sobjack with Vanessa Faura, the RNC Director of Women's Engagement, a naturalized citizen who chose the Republican Party because it stands for freedom and opportunity.


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