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Washington Federation Attends Roanoke Conference

Washington Federation Attends Roanoke Conference
Posted: Jan 31, 2022
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Annual Gathering Offers Unique Forum for Lively Political Debate, Networking

The Washington Federation of Republican Women (WFRW) attended the Roanoke Conference January 28-30 in Ocean Shores. A record of more than 500 attended.

The Roanoke Conference is an annual gathering for those who are center-right in Washington State. It offers a unique forum for lively political debate, networking, and information for those who want to get involved in local, regional or state politics. Several WFRW members are on the Roanoke Conference Board.

This year, a record of more than 500 attended. WFRW provided the table centerpieces and informational handouts about the state federation.

Breakout sessions and panelists featured Republican state house and senate leaders and legislators, plus well-known radio host and FOX contributor Jason Rantz. Interesting topics included Critical Race Theory, woke culture, acedemic freedom and energy of the future. Guest speakers were Dr. Carol Swain and Professor John Yoo (UC Berkley). WFRW President Billie Jean Liedahl enjoyed meeting Dr. Carol Swain and hearing her speak on what is happening to America. 

WFRW members who attended this year's conference had an amazing time and left with renewed energy and hope for the future.


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