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Great Service and a Welcoming Atmosphere

Great Service and a Welcoming Atmosphere
Posted: Apr 11, 2022
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A Message from NFRW President Eileen Sobjack

My arrival to Alexandria, Virginia, was amid a snowstorm. The flight was canceled twice, but I wasn’t deterred from beginning an exciting role as your president. Republican Women move forward and find solutions to succeed. We do it with a positive attitude which helps immensely when you’re dealing with difficult situations.

It has been an exciting, productive term so far, and NFRW is off to a great start.

At the Board of Directors meeting (pictured above), I marked important progress on the plan of action I shared at the convention last year -- building membership, electing Republicans, protecting our elections, and promoting NFRW. I know these are your goals too. Together we are building stronger leaders and continuing the legacy for future generations.

Building Membership
Many of you have expressed that there is unprecedented momentum in your states. I just spoke with a Republican leader who told me that a recent survey of voters shows women are more engaged than ever before. We see it here at NFRW as membership continues to climb. It is 68% above where we were last year at this time. Since January, I have had the honor of signing 36 charters for new clubs, with more on the way. Republican women must be prepared to welcome and engage new members.

Electing Republicans
It doesn’t just happen but requires that candidates and volunteers are trained to get out the vote. In January we started the work creating the RED wave by featuring a virtual candidate recruitment seminar with 800 registrants. Since March we have held our popular online Campaign Management School. It’s been a great success. Political Director Terri Hauser is asking you to let her know if you are one of the growing list of Republican women stepping up to be part of the RED wave as a candidate. Get involved in local, state, and national campaigns! NFRW will be working on projects to reach women and new citizens. We are collaborating with the RNC Director of Women's Engagement Vanessa Faura. Several states already participated in a walkathon promoting Republican Women and candidates.

Protecting Elections
The seal of the NFRW is an eagle guarding the ballot box. Fair elections and monitoring elections is a priority of NFRW, and we will be involved.

Promoting NFRW
I have had great opportunities to get out our message. Earlier this year, I attended the RNC meeting where I had a platform to speak about this important organization and the vital work we do. I’ve met with leaders of like-minded organizations and Republican leaders to build coalitions for the work ahead.

Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Earle-Sears closed out NFRW Legislative Day with a grassroots message for Republican women about the important work to be done during the 2022 election cycle and how to win new voters to the Republican cause. "We need to see the Republican Party as a business," she said. "If we do, we will understand that we're trying to get new customers. If a customer comes in and doesn't want to buy the whole store, that's okay. You'll get their vote for this one thing. A win is a win. We will take it, and we will come back again."

A successful business provides a great service and a welcoming atmosphere for the customer. We have many new “customers” joining NFRW who want to be educated, empowered and appreciated for the skills they bring.

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