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August 29 is the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve's 106th Birthday

August 29 is the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve's 106th Birthday
Posted: Aug 29, 2022
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From the NFRW Armed Services Committee

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve is celebrating its 106th Birthday on August 29.

The Naval Appropriations Act signed by President Woodrow Wilson brought the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves (and U.S. Navy Reserves) into being. Also known as Marine Forces Reserve or MARFORRES, it is a significant part of the renowned fighting force of the U.S. Marine Corps. They are a group of service members ready to answer the call of duty.

The Marine Corps Reserve’s history began in World War I, with a complement of three officers and 32 enlisted Marines. But by the time the war ended, that number had expanded to over 6,000 total reservists. The Marine Corps began to expand its horizons during World War II with the creation of the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve, which was authorized by Congress in July 1942. Other branches of the military started accepting women for service earlier. The Marine Corps Women’s Reserve swore in its first director, Maj. Ruth Cheney Streeter, in 1943. The first 71 female officer candidates arrived at the U.S. Midshipmen School soon after, with over 700 enlisted women entering Marine Corps boot camp.

The most well-known U.S. Marine Corps Reservist was Gregory “Pappy” Boyington who was known as the Marine Corps’ Ace of Aces during WWII. Twenty U.S. Marine Reservists were awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions on Iwo Jima.

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve has actively supported all of our military actions during the Cold War and the War on Terrorism.

Two ways to support the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve:

  • Donate to its annual Toys for Tots program, which hopes to bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America’s less fortunate children.
  • Donate to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society to provide support to members.



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