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Johnston County Republican Women (NC)

Johnston County Republican Women (NC)
Posted: May 23, 2023
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Club Awards Scholarship Based on Essay Competition

Johnston County Republican Women (JCRW) awarded its 3rd annual $500 scholarship to Eva Long of Clayton High School.

JCRW contacts high school guidance counselors and publicizes the opportunity to all local female high school seniors who will be furthering their education in academies and/or trade. To be eligible, applicants fill out an application and complete an essay. This year's essay question was, "Why is Unfettered Speech Critical to Democracy."

Scholarship winner Eva works two part-time jobs, plays soccer, volunteers at her church and serves as an officer for the Student Body, First Priority and DECA. Eva's essay answer was well written and thoughtful.

Eva Long’s Essay: Why is unfettered speech critical to democracy?

Restraint. Being held back. Control. These are all words that can be used to describe current trends in our country's freedom of speech regarding republicans. In the very first amendment of the United States Constitution, we have been given the right to freedom of speech. This has provided Americans with the abilities to believe what they want, and to be able to talk about those beliefs and opinions. It is to be UNFETTERED. Unfettered is uninhibited or unrestrained. If the freedom of speech is to be unrestrained, why are so many republican women’s voices silenced? Why are news outlets and social media platforms beginning to take down republican voices or banning them from even using their platforms? The answer is fear. People who do not agree with republican viewpoints are fearful of the power we hold in democracy. Fear is caused by some levels of power and strength. If things had no power, what would we be afraid of? Nothing. This is why it is so crucial in our country to be allowed unfettered speech. When speech is without control, truth is able to be spoken.

Currently, republican women have been filtered out. Our voices have been muted. Women today are starting to be recognized and listened to, so why are republicans the only women who are being silenced? Again, it is due to fear and manipulation. Women are powerful, and we have a voice. We can speak the truth and do so unrestrainedly. Democracy in the United States was founded on the principle of people’s choice. The people vote on who goes into office. The people vote on who moves on to the presidential primaries. The people have a voice that can influence thousands on the news. We are the people. We make up a vital, important percentage of the people in the USA who are in democracy. That is why I am so passionate about why speech should be unfettered. It must be unfettered in democracy because of its potential to influence. Words and actions are powerful. It can sway states on which party it will support, break friendships, and create bonds. Speech is a tool that is ours. It is protected under the 1st amendment and should continue to be the people’s power.

Along with speech and the first amendment comes the freedom of the press. I also believe this should continue to be unfettered. We live in a day of social media and technology. All around the world, every second of every day, people are being fed information from a tiny phone screen. Most of this information is filtered. It is filtered by the individual.



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