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Tustin Area Republican Women Federated (CA)

Tustin Area Republican Women Federated (CA)
Posted: Jun 2, 2023
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Club Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Tustin Area Republican Women Federated (TARWF) of California celebrated its 50th anniversary with a traditional birthday party. Presentations highlighted the history of NFRW and CFRW leading to the founding of the TARWF in 1973.

A spirited trivia exchange of fun facts from 1973 pointed out that although club members were attending meetings wearing hats and gloves, the rest of the country sported bell bottoms, hip huggers and tie-dyed “everything.” Members lined up to play "pin the tail on the Democrat." Cake and ice cream were served for dessert in true birthday party fashion.

The spirit of accomplishments over the past 50 years led to encouragement of what would be possible in the next 50 years. We are after all, women!



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