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Women Veterans Day, June 12: Honoring Our Female Veterans

Women Veterans Day, June 12: Honoring Our Female Veterans
Posted: Jun 12, 2023
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From the NFRW Armed Services Committee

June 12, 2023, marks the sixth time we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the groundbreaking Women's Armed Services Integration Act legislation signed into law by President Harry S. Truman on June 12, 1948. This law allowed women to serve as regular members of the military.

In 2017, Representative Victoria Neave filed House Bill 2698 establishing Women Veterans Day. Women Veterans Day has not yet been recognized as a national holiday.

There are more than 1.7 million women veterans. Texas has roughly 177,500 women veterans, more than any other state.

In order to celebrate Women Veterans Day, the National Association of American Veterans suggests the following activities:

  • Post pictures of women veterans throughout your office.
  • Share pictures or stories of women veterans on social media with the hashtag #WomenVeteransDay.
  • Coordinate and/or organize a trip to a local women veterans event.
  • Write a tribute to a woman veteran to share with a group of women veterans.
  • Host a tea, brunch or lunch for women veterans in your family, friends, or work place, and let them share their stories.




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