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Marine Corps Reserve Turns 107

Marine Corps Reserve Turns 107
Posted: Aug 29, 2023
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From NFRW Armed Services Committee

On August 29, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve celebrates its 107th Birthday. The Marine Corps Reserve, also known as Marine Forces Reserve or MARFORRES, is a significant part of the renowned fighting force of the U.S. Marine Corps. It is a group of service members ready to answer the call of duty.

The Marine Corps Reserve’s history began in World War I, with a complement of three officers and 32 enlisted Marines. Today, the Marine Corps Reserve is the largest command in the United States Marine Corp. The mission of the Marine Corps Reserve is to augment and reinforce the active-duty Marine Corps. It is called up in times of war, national emergencies, or contingency operations, and provides service to its communities.

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve has actively supported all our military actions during the Cold War and the War on Terrorism.

Two ways to support the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve:

  • Donate to its annual Toys for Tots program, which aims to bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America’s less fortunate children.
  • Donate to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society to provide support to members.



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Duncan Jones, 9/13/2023 5:12 AM

I never knew about this information! very useful information

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