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Gearing Up for Victory in 2024

Gearing Up for Victory in 2024
Posted: Jan 5, 2024
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A Message from NFRW President Julie Harris

Dear Members and Friends,

As we step into the New Year, 2024 holds immense promise and excitement for the National Federation of Republican Women. It marks a critical time when we can come together and work for the good of our Party and country. Just like the tradition of making New Year's resolutions, this is the perfect opportunity to ignite our passions, to set ambitious goals, and to propel ourselves forward towards tremendous success in the new year.

Let us embrace this fresh start and be motivated by the power of our convictions to work tirelessly towards achieving our goals in winning back the White House and the Senate and gaining a larger majority in the House.

I am honored to be your president and wish to acknowledge the executive committee who will be working together with me over the course of this term. We will be highlighting each one of them in the coming weeks. I am privileged to be working with a talented, dedicated Board of Directors - new and returning officers, who I am certain will apply the greatest passion to successfully fulfill our organization's mission!

This is a special term during the most vital time in our nation's history, one that will need every one of us to continue our commitment at the highest level to NFRW and to our country. I will be announcing our priority issues soon, and I am looking forward to achieving success together as a team.

I already have begun meeting one on one with our nation's leaders to discuss the most salient issues. With our wealth of experience, unwavering passion, strong work ethic, and overall grit, Republican women stand as a force geared up for victory in 2024. Your involvement is paramount to Republican success.

Happy New Year – the best is yet to come!



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Joan Clendenin, 1/14/2024 5:21 PM

What can you do to resolve the problem with california

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