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Federated Republican Women of El Paso County (TX)

Federated Republican Women of El Paso County (TX)
Posted: Mar 21, 2024
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Author: N Salado

Club Works to Unite Communities Following Texas Panhandle Fires

From scorched ranchlands, to Hurricane Harvey, tornados, and the recent fires in the North Texas Panhandle, Federated Republican Women of El Paso County (TX) Community Engagement Chair, Dr. Alma Arredondo-Lynch, has been uniting members and communities from across the state in a true People-Helping-People spirit. From natural disasters to funerals, to Christmas gifts for low-income children, Dr. Alma keeps communities engaged and focused on the issues that matter most: God, Country, and Family.

The recently contained North Texas Panhandle fires have been her most recent charge. Calling on community members, this humble rancher and Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry, tends to her own livestock and crops before hitting the road. Oft times beating back bad weather, and coordinating with others throughout the mission, she stops in the middle of the night for final goods pickups – donning angel’s wings with her hand to God and heart towards her countrymen. She faithfully delivers hay for livestock, clothing, food, water, and other much-needed donations and supplies from partner NGOs and communities to those in need – most recently to the fire survivors in the Panhandle, and beyond to all areas in need throughout Texas.

For perspective, the North Panhandle Smokehouse Creek Fire consumed upwards of 1.1 million acres of livestock and grasslands needed by cattle ranchers, and over 500 structures. Total acreage burned is more land than the entire state of Rhode Island, and 2/3 of the state of Delaware.

Her white 60-foot long truck/trailer combo proudly announcing “VOTE TRUMP” is no deterrent for those she meets along the way. It affords her the opportunity to get that conversation going, and she does so with true fifth generation Tejana pride, undaunted and unafraid of the challenges the dialogue may bring.

Considering her father "a trailblazer for those without a voice," Dr. Alma too has taken up that same charge, frequently opening up her ranch to the public on special occasions, like Thanksgiving. She encourages those without families to come, stop by, and visit for a few hours while enjoying a meal with her. In her FRW Community Engagement role, Dr. Alma reminds us all, “Our Country depends on us to rescue Her. Let's go do it.”

FRWoEPC asks for continued prayers for our fellow Texans and all the firefighters and first responders on the front lines continuing to help protect life and property across our great nation.


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