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IowaFRW Sets Record at State Capitol

IowaFRW Sets Record at State Capitol
Posted: Mar 22, 2024
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When "failure is not an option" Iowa's Republican Women play to win

Attendance and energy were off the charts for IowaFRW Legislative Day in Des Moines, Iowa, on March 20.

This year's day on the Hill boasted the largest turnout any of us can remember with members driving in from all corners of the state to meet with the executive and legislative branches of our State Government, as well as representatives from all of our federal delegation. Our membership target is to increase by 85% in this, our 85th anniversary year, and we are committed to meeting and exceeding the goal.

We are united, we are determined, we have a Republic to save in November, and as our Republican National Committeeman Steve Scheffler said, "Failure is not an option."

Iowa's executive branch and both houses of the Legislature hold Republican majorities and our great Governor Kim Reynolds, Lt. Governor Adam Gregg, Attorney General Brenna Bird, Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, Secretary of State Paul Pate, Treasury Secretary Roby Smith, and leadership from both chambers addressed our group.

"During our visit to Secretary of State Pate's office he shared that surveyed young voters say they are most influenced by their parents and family in how they choose to vote," said IowaFRW President Michelle Crawford. "I heard this as a call to action for women across our state. As mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters we have the responsibility to positively influence young people in our lives. They look to us for guidance on core values, traditions, and political opinion.”


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