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NFRW Members Playing Pivotal Role in 2024 Political Arena

NFRW Members Playing Pivotal Role in 2024 Political Arena
Posted: Jul 3, 2024
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A Message From NFRW President Julie Harris

The National Federation of Republican Women is more relevant than ever in today's political arena, with our strong grassroots base and dedicated members shaping the future of the Republican Party.

We are just a few weeks away from the Republican National Convention, and I could not be prouder of the members of the NFRW. Our ladies have been elected and appointed to many leadership positions within the Republican Party and comprise nearly 50% of all female committee members of the convention! Your hard work deserves to be recognized.

I am often asked, is the National Federation of Republican Women relevant? What is relevance? According to the dictionary definition, relevance means "important to the matter at hand" or "relation of something to the matter at hand." It signifies significance, importance, connection, pertinence, and usefulness.

I had the opportunity to address this question when a New York Times reporter inquired about the 83 NFRW members who were elected by their respective states to serve on various RNC convention committees. The breakdown is quite impressive: 27 NFRW members on the Platform Committee, 22 on the Credentials Committee, 17 on the Rules Committee, and 17 on the Permanent Order Committee, totaling 83 members. If we include all past and current NFRW members serving on the RNC committees, the number rises to 115.

When asked how we accomplished this, I replied that it is a testament to the dedication and relevance of our Republican women at the local and state levels. Our value as a national organization comes from our grassroots base: our local members. In today's political landscape, the relevance of the NFRW cannot be overlooked.

In a time when political engagement and activism are more important than ever, the NFRW is crucial to the political process. By empowering like-minded women who are dedicated to advancing Republican principles and advocating for America First values, the NFRW serves as a powerful force in increasing female voter turnout in the upcoming 2024 election.

The substantial number of our members elected to play key roles in shaping the future of the Republican Party, combined with the millions of volunteer hours recorded every election cycle, and our focus on women voters serves as compelling evidence that YES, the NFRW is relevant.


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